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She Who Makes a Difference

She who makes a Difference : Elbé Coetsee - Owner of Mogalakwena Gallery, Cape Town Dr Elbé Coetsee’s concern for the poverty stricken Northern Sotho people living adjacent to the Coetsee’s cattle farm in the northern part of Limpopo Province... Continue Reading →

Macro black/white

playing with light and dark, transparent and solid surfaces to express fragility and power by using plant material (leaves) as subject matter

Still/Life In Motion – a portrait of time passing Book & and Solo Exhibition Extract from Dr Elbé Coetsee’s opening address to the Launch of the photobook and concurrent solo-exhibition STILL/LIFE IN MOTION – a portrait of time passing by Bettie Coetzee Lambrecht The photographs included in this exhibition are testimony to the... Continue Reading →


AWARDS freshcream Award for Excellence in Higher Certificate in Photography, VEGA 2016 Artslant Showcase Winner Round One, March 2014 Artslant Showcase Winter Round 4 May 2013 Artslant OnLine Gallery Showcase Winner Round 4 July 2012 Artslant Showcase Winner Round 5... Continue Reading →

Fragility – continue Still Life in Motion

Still Life in Motion – a camera’s perspective

  Reflections on Movement Stagnancy Fragility Permanence - a camera’s perspective Initially intended as an exploration of states of mind and emotions through body movement, this body of work slowly morphed into a meditation on fragile life and relationships. Life... Continue Reading →

Fine Art Photography Workshop with Martin Osner

  A few thoughts on Martin Osner’s first Fine Art Photo Workshop in Hout Bay, Cape Town, from grateful student, Bettie Coetzee Lambrecht At breakfast today in the Art Gallery Guesthouse Thandekayo, where Martin Osner hosts his students on his... Continue Reading →


How we meet, feel mutual attraction to a variety of different persons, that each has particular characteristics that resonate our own. As the relationship develops older ones drift to the background - not disappearing, but visible through transparent layers. Disagreements,... Continue Reading →

Flash Dance with Trix Bester

My dance/movement project focusses on women ‘of a certain age’, i.e. upwards from 50, who are comfortable with their bodies decorated with age. Women who are not shy of wrinkles, swollen veins, senile warts and other identifiers of time. At... Continue Reading →

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