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Book: Cliff Richard Lives Here – 2016


Still/Life In Motion – a portrait of time passing Book & and Solo Exhibition Extract from Dr Elbé Coetsee’s opening address to the Launch of the photobook and concurrent solo-exhibition STILL/LIFE IN MOTION – a portrait of time passing by Bettie Coetzee Lambrecht The photographs included in this exhibition are testimony to the... Continue Reading →

Publications in Media by Bettie Lambrecht on Art, Travel, Photography

ArtslantShowcase USA Travel 2011 Article DieBurgerWes-SK-DieBurger-12 Media_24_Bylae-NW-NewsNW001-Wes_Naweek-1 Media_24_Bylae-NW-NewsNW006-Wes_Naweek-6 Media_24_Bylae-NW-NewsNW009-Wes_Naweek-9-1 Media_24_Sentraal-NL-NLNews001-Naweek-1 Media_24_Sentraal-NL-NLNews004-Naweek-4

Art Reviews and Travel articles

Art Review 2011 Mei23 Bettie Lambrecht_DieBurgerWes-SK-DieBurger-10

Exploring ‘Appropriation’ as a method of creating symbols in the making of an art work

Appropriation: Henk Serfontein, South African Artist My documentation of the young South African artist, Henk Serfontein explores his latest still-life series in which he appropriates the portrait paintings of British painter, Lucien Freud (yes, direct relations of ....). The practice... Continue Reading →

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