Desert-Shadow-Rain-#1_2403-1500Environmental issues – specially around water and the lack of it – have been an ongoing interest since I started photography a decade ago. It is in a way to the water-less beauty of   sand-dunes and dry river beds of deserts that I owe my now decade-long love affair with photography.

These first desert shots remain closest to my heart, not simply because they were the ones that gave me my first solo-exhibition and lead to a feature on my work by an online magazine-gallery. But because these vast horizonless landscapes more than even lush forests evoke, paradoxically the very presence of life giving liquid. The substance we owe our existence on this planet. Its very absence in desert-scapes drill the awareness of its preciousness in my consciousness.

In this latest series of composites I combine images of water with those very first and later desert shots I made in Namibia as well as in the Southwestern deserts of the USA – Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado.