Bettie CL Photos

Photographer and arts writer

VISION series

Melanie in profile captured with studio lighting and subsequently made into different versions of herself/


In a world consumed by increasing threats of drought - the consequence of ever diminishing water resources the only escape is into a dream of total immersion. Life as a dream

Fantasy City: Views through the Mist Cape Town

City scenes seen as abstract patterns creating a dreamlike vision of fantasy and magic

StudioPortrait: Classical Poses – Shahira

Classical poses and lighting techniques, loop, butterfly and Rembrandt-lighting with upside down triangle of light on opposite side of lit side of face

StudioPortraits: Classical Poses – Melanie

Classical poses and lighting techniques

StudioPortraits: The Teacher as Actor: Seema

The photography teacher, becomes an actor and through expressive body and facial gestures inspires her students.

StudioPortraits: Happy Housewife-Mariangela

Book: Cliff Richard Lives Here – 2016


My series of five images, DORSLAND nr 1 to nr 5 (literally translated as Thirst Land)  investigates the devastating effects of climate change. Drought and the yearning for water, which translates as the means for survival of the species, form... Continue Reading →

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